Dear Bishop Montgomery High School Families and Friends,

When unanticipated challenges present themselves, Bishop people rise to the occasion with resourcefulness, resilience, and responsiveness.  Armed with our faith, our faculty, students, and parents are rising to the occasion and tackling these challenges, created by the pandemic, head on. 

This back-to-school season is like no other.  The natural excitement of a new school year is tempered by concerns for maintaining student and faculty health, the use of masks, the practicing of social distancing, and the awareness that many families and faculty members are bearing the weight of grief and trauma caused by the pandemic.

In times of crisis, we must think creatively, act courageously, and work collaboratively to realize our greatest potential.  While we contend with present realities, we must also plan for the future and rise to the challenge. Once students are allowed to return to campus they will see firsthand how we have planned and built toward the future, by transforming classrooms attached to the library into 21st century learning spaces.  The transformation of Bishop’s campus is a result of a very generous donation from Shea Family Charities.

In our cover story for this issue you will read about how BMHS classrooms are being re-imagined for the 21st century, as new teaching and learning spaces are rising up to meet the needs of our students.  These classrooms will provide our students with greater opportunities to experience project-based learning and opportunities for more active forms of learning, in which students will conduct projects during class with their teachers facilitating a complex process of creation, collaboration, and revision.

As I have said before, the power of Bishop is not just who will walk across our graduation stage; our power is in the souls that our alumni and faculty touch, those lives they assist; and because diverse voices are vital to advancing knowledge for the common good, we are committed to our faith and the inclusivity it teaches that will help build a better world for all.

These pages contain only a sampling of achievements and insights from across our community.  Read them, and you may find a new reason to be proudly Bishop.

Peace and health be with you,

Jim Garza, Ed.D

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