One of the special things about Bishop Montgomery is that alumni since the 1960’s have returned to campus to teach, coach, and work in a variety of roles. They return to campus to serve because they truly love Bishop Montgomery and its students. In the 2020-21 school year, over 35 alumni are on staff as administrators, teachers, coaches, staff members, or a combination of roles. It is a testament to the school community.

Pat McOsker ’78 and his wife, Carla Williams-McOsker ’79 are two alumni who returned to coach because of their profound love of a school that gave them so much. They are now in their fourth year coaching the girls’ golf team and are providing as much to the team as the team is providing for them (they also coach the boys’ team).

In 2015, Pat retired from the Los Angeles Fire Department after 35 years, yet he felt that he had more work in him. When he heard from one of his dear friends, Amy Meehan ’89, that Bishop was looking for a girls’ golf coach, he thought it sounded great and submitted an application. (Meehan, by the way, is not only a friend, but the sister-in-law of one of Pat’s brothers, so basically family). Pat played four years of golf at Bishop and has a passion for the sport, for the school, and for helping others. It was a perfect fit.

“About a week into the job, I began to realize how much I could really use my wife, Carla’s, help,” says Pat. “I needed a female assistant coach who knew what she was talking about.” Carla was an outstanding athlete while at Bishop Montgomery, excelling in soccer and track & field, and is an avid golfer as well. Pat approached Bishop’s Athletic Director, Eric Wood, and asked if he could hire Carla to help coach. With a resounding ‘yes’ Carla was on board and it has been a perfect match between husband, wife, and team.

“We enjoy [coaching at Bishop] so much because of the Lady Knights,” says Pat. “They are all wonderful. They take coaching so well and they are naturally supportive of one another. Their sportsmanship toward their opponents is second to none. In short, Carla and I love sharing our love for golf and BMHS with these young women.”

“BMHS is so special to us. It’s where Carla and I first met, where we got our Catholic education, had so much fun, and fell in love. It’s where my five siblings and five of [Carla’s] all went to high school. It’s the place where Carla and I sent our only child, Emmett (class of ‘07), to school as well. We love the people at Bishop; we love the diversity, and mostly, we love the Catholic nature of such a great, welcoming place for young men and women.”

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