By Olivia D’anjou ’23

Bishop’s longest running club celebrates 55 years on campus the only way they know how – by serving the community

This year, Bishop Montgomery’s Concordia Service Club proudly  celebrated their 55th year on campus. Reigning as the largest student-involved club on campus, Concordia Club began in 1966, just nine years after Bishop first opened its doors. Concordia has dedicated itself to the Christian value of service, partaking in multiple service projects each year with students from every grade level. This year, we saw even more students take charge of organizing and leading service projects to address issues within their own community that were important to them.

This school year alone, Concordia collected donations for Sister Margaret at the Covenant House in North Hollywood, provided gifts for an orphanage in Mexico; wrote Valentine’s cards for the senior citizens at Brookdale South Bay, a senior living facility across the street from campus; gathered coloring books and crayons for the Torrance Police Department; and created handmade Easter cards for the residents of Greenfield Care Center of South Gate. Some projects became even more widespread across campus as Concordia paired up with the Pre-Med and Senior Citizens Clubs. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the students of Concordia continued to make a lasting impact within their community. 

Jacob Malo ‘23 explained that he “wanted to get more involved at school,” and felt Concordia was the perfect way to do so. With around 100 students involved in the club weekly, Concordia continues to be a place where students not only meet others, but help find their place within the community through acts of service. “Being in Concordia has been an amazing learning experience,” says Natalie Hedding ‘23. “I have learned how to help others and give back to my community through this club!” 

The club would not be possible, however, without the guidance of Mrs. Laura Fabbri, who has been the club moderator for over 12 years. Instilling a passion for service within all members, Mrs. Fabbri has helped make Concordia as successful as it is today. Spending countless hours making and gathering donations, she has always been heavily involved in Concordia projects. “I always love coming to meetings,” says Social Media manager Olivia D’anjou ‘23, “because Mrs. Fabbri makes us all feel passionate about what we’re doing.” 

From its start in 1966, the goal of Concordia has always been the same: to make a lasting impact within the community. As Malo says, he and all other members are looking forward to “helping others and bringing joy through [the] donations” in the years to come.