Weddings & Engagements

• Erin Nakasone-Cheung ’00 & Ryan Cheung were married on January 10, 2021

• Ryan Skelley ’04 & Karleen Wray are engaged

• Erin Nakawatase-Del Rosario ’05 & Ronald Del Rosario ’05 were married in November 2019

• AJ Kissinger ’10 & Cassidi Ruggeri were married on April 18, 2021

New Arrivals

• Calvin Tatum to Frankie Greco ’93 & Brittney Greco (5/30/21)

• Damien Myles to Ryan Espe ’00 & Leslie Espe (4/14/21)

• Twins Emelia Grace and Kayleigh Rose to Patrick Modrovsky ’06 & Klaryssa Modrovsky (6/25/21)

• Zoe Alessandra to David Tripler ’07 & Natalie Romero (4/6/21)

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