We remember those in the Bishop Montgomery community who have passed away recently.
Please keep their families and friends in your prayers.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


• Wayne Kenneth Teebken ’61 (3/6/22)
• Kathleen Kneifel-Varga ’62 (10/2/21)
• Tony Goorchenko ’63 (5/20/22)
• Kathy Held-Schneiderhan ’63 (4/1/22)
• Don Schneiderhan ’63 (1/2022)
• Lillian Buffalo Tompkins ’64 (5/14/22)
• Irene Loretta Doinoff-Turner ’64 (2/1/22)
• Martin Groat ’64 (1/2/22)
• Susan Herbers-DeLay ’64 (10/27/21)
• Linda Wedlock-Moser ’65 (12/15/21)
• Pauline Fitzpatrick ’68 (7/22/21)
• Dennis Hidalgo ’68 (9/4/21)
• Mary Pilon-Hoover ’68 (5/6/22)
• William Posey ’69 (10/1/21)
• Maxine Riganti-Spencer ’69 (2/17/22)
• Cherlyn Woods ’69 (11/21/21)
• Jay Clinkenbeard ’70 (1/20/22)
• Arturo Cordova ’70 (11/25/21)
• Fred Nino ’71 (6/2022)
• Ray Sequeira ’71 (9/22/21)
• Alan DeLuccio ’72 (1/2/22)
• Dave Durham ’72 (10/3/21)
• Ted Walker ’72 (1/2022)
• Leon Campazzie ’78 (7/18/2021)
• Mark Eberhardt ’78 (1/22/2021)
• Pat Ramage ’78 (5/2/2022)
• Mike Villalpando ’78 (2/27/22)
• Diane Ronnau ’79 (7/22/22)
• Hank Schneider ’80 (2/9/22)
• Bill Ruiz ’82 (2/13/22)
• Stephanie Litjen-Huerta ’84 (6/1/22)
• Jennifer Kerns ’85 (3/2021)
• David Ott ’85 (5/4/2022)
• Laura Gavin-Aranda ’88 (1/23/22)
• Kathleen Torres ’90 (7/1/22)
• Gerard Deiparine ’91 (9/12/21)
• Kristel Lindner ’00 (8/5/22)
• Chris Heppell ’10 (3/20/22)
• Jacen Castillo ’18 (12/27/21)

Parents, Alumni Parents & Grandparents

• Robert Bacich, father of Donna Bacich-Reidt ’76 & Steve Bacich ’79; father-in-law of Craig Reidt ’74 (2/9/22)

• Aida Baez, mother of Diana Baez ’77, Ralph Baez ’82 & Sonya Baez ’83 (12/26/21)

• Michael Boutté, father of Michael Boutté ’00, Martina Boutté ’01 & Candace Boutté ’03 (11/1/21)

• Paul Comon, father of Mark Comon ’78, Monica Comon ’79, Michele Comon-Hughes ’80 & Marci Comon-Eaton ’82; grandfather of Stephanie Comon ’06 & Zachary Comon ’08 (3/17/22)

• Patricia Czarske, mother-in-law of Mary Jo Soufl-Czarske ’87 (1/8/22)

• Joseph Czuleger, father of Russell Czuleger ’74 & Jerry Czuleger ’75 (12/26/21)

• Art Glassman, father of Linda Glassman ’70, Kurt Glassman ’72, Karl Glassman ’76, Trina Glassman-Carda ’79 & Eric Glassman ’81 (6/17/22)

• John Gutierrez, father of Erika Gutierrez-Abeita ’00 (Andrew Abeita ’99) and Alan Gutierrez ’98 (Daisy Gonzalez-Gutierrez ’02) (4/8/21)

• Dorothy Hart, mother of Stacy Hart-Quirarte ’81 (3/17/22)

• Susan Herbers-DeLay ’64, mother-in-law of Cynthia Forsythe-DeLay ’92; grandmother to Lucas DeLay ’24 (10/27/21)

• Deke Houlgate (12/26/21) and Olga Houlgate (2/12/22), parents of Deke Houlgate III ’73 (deceased), John Houlgate ’76, David Houlgate &
Greg Houlgate ’85.

• Dorothy Karfs, mother of Gerald Karfs ’70, Walter Karfs ’72 & Robert Karfs ’76 (4/26/22)

• Richard Klein, father of Mike Klein ’77, John Klein ’78, Patrick Klein ’80 & Paul Klein ’84; grandfather of Allison Klein ’18 & Elizabeth Klein ’20 (10/24/21)

• Nick Lincir, father of Mark Lincir ’87 (4/3/22)

• Christian Mendoza, father of Alexis Mendoza ’17 (11/23/21)

• Dena Petrofanis, grandmother of Chris Vezzuto ’09, Michael Vezzuto ’12 & Robbie Vezzuto ’20 (2/4/2021)

• John Plaga, father of Brandon Plaga ’22 & Christian Plaga (1/2021)

• Thomas Reis, father of Paul Reis ’91 & Dominic Reis ’92; grandfather of John-Paul Reis ’18 (1/18/22)

• Doris Roach, mother of Tom Roach ’66, Jim Roach ’68, Katie Roach-Filzenger ’68, Charlie Roach ’71, Steve Roach ’73, Marion Roach-Andrade ’74, Kevin Roach ’77, Tim Roach ’78, Patty Roach-Kazempoor ’79, and Bob Roach ’82 (6/13/22)

• Michael Ruggera, father of Michael B. Ruggera, Jr. ’69 & Neil Phillip Ruggera ’73 (8/8/22)

• Kellie Trainor, mother of Daniel Trainor ’24 (8/28/22)

• Jeanne Yinger, mother of Raymond Yinger ’80 and mother-in-law of Stephanie Schmitt-Yinger ’80 (11/16/21)

Faculty, Staff & Volunteers

Mrs. Doris Roach, 1926-2022

On June 13, 2022, the community lost one of its most revered members when Mrs. Doris Roach passed away. Doris and her husband, Tom, belong to a distinguished and rare group of parents who sent ten or more children through Bishop Montgomery (Tom ’66, Jim ’68, Katie ’68, Charlie ’71, Steve ’73, Marion ’74, Kevin ’77, Tim ’78, Patty ’79, and Bob ’82). She is survived by her children, Tom (Nancy), Jim (Anne-Marie), Katie (Jeff), Charlie (Barbara), daughter-in-law Pam, Marion (Jimmy), Kevin (Tina), Tim (Melissa), Patty, and daughter-in-law Beth; 20 grandchildren; 12 great grandchildren; and 3 great-great grandchildren. Mrs. Roach was preceded in death by her husband, Tom, sons Steve and Bob, and son-in-law Nader. She was 96 years old.

When Mrs. Roach’s eldest child, Tom, entered Bishop Montgomery as a freshman in 1962, it was the start of a relationship with the school that is still exists today. Not only was Doris a mother to ten Bishop Montgomery students, she served as an administrator and teacher at the school for eight years. In the fall of 1974, Doris joined the faculty, teaching business, math and physical education. Soon after, she was named Vice-Principal for Curriculum. During her tenure at BMHS, she also taught business law, accounting, and shorthand and served as the Business Department Chairperson. Doris retired in 1982, after her youngest son, Bob, graduated.

In addition to her service to Bishop Montgomery as a parent and staff member, Mrs. Roach was a dedicated volunteer at her beloved parish, St. Lawrence Martyr, and at the Torrance Pregnancy Help Center. Doris and Tom were inducted into the Bishop Montgomery Hall of Fame in 2011.

The graduation of their youngest child did not mean the end of their support of Bishop Montgomery. Tom and Doris continued to be a presence at many athletic events and fundraisers. Soon after Bob’s passing in 1998, the family established the Robert Roach ’82 Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund to provide deserving students with tuition assistance. It is an endowment scholarship that continues to help students attend Bishop Montgomery. “Mr. and Mrs. Roach will forever be known as pillars of the Bishop Montgomery community,” said Andy Marafino, BMHS Director of Advancement. “Their commitment to their family, their faith, and to Catholic education illustrates their selflessness and care for others. Mrs. Roach faithfully supported the school in many ways up until her death. She will be truly missed.”

Mr. Michael Ruggera, 1926-2022

Mr. Michael Ruggera, one of Bishop Montgomery’s most generous and loyal benefactors, passed away on August 8, 2022 after a long battle with dementia. Mr. Ruggera and his wife, Frances, had two sons, Michael, Jr. and Neil Phillip, both of whom graduated from Bishop Montgomery. Michael, Jr. graduated in 1969 and Neil Phillip graduated in 1973. In 1944, Mr. Ruggera joined the Navy and attended school for submarine repair. He served as an Electrician’s Mate Third Class in World War II from 1944 to 1946. The day after V-J Day, August 16, 1945, his ship went to Japan. He served during the occupation of Japan. Mr. Ruggera was preceded in death by his wife, Frances, and son, Michael. He was 95 years old.

In 1952, Mr. Ruggera graduated from West Coast University with a degree in electrical engineering. He continued his service for five more years in the Navy Reserves and at the beginning of the Korean War, he was called to active service three times. Because he was working in defense, he was deferred. He then worked at McDonnell Douglas for 30 years. While working a part-time job as a contractor, Mr. Ruggera did electrical work at the VA hospital in Santa Monica. While attending a dance at the hospital, he noticed a young nurse, Frances Lorraine Ancel, who he asked to dance. They dated for six months and were married in 1949.

In 2001, Mr. Ruggera and his wife established the Michael B. Ruggera, Jr. Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund at Bishop Montgomery. The scholarship is named in memory of their oldest son, Michael, Jr., who passed away in 1996. For over twenty years, the scholarship has provided tuition assistance to BMHS students of good character who have a financial need, carry at least a B average, and provide service to their communities. “The endowment established by Mr. and Mrs. Ruggera is a very special part of our tuition assistance program,” says Andy Marafino, BMHS Director of Advancement. “It ensures that the legacy of the Ruggera family will continue to be one of generosity and love to our students.”

Tim Haley

Tim Haley, who served at BMHS from 1974-1986, passed away on May 24, 2022. At BMHS, he taught history, served as an academic counselor and was the Boys’ Basketball Head Coach from 1982-1986. He is survived by his wife, Debbie, their three children, two grandchildren, and his sister, Maureen Haley-Reider ’77.

Diane Banker
Diane Banker, who taught at BMHS from 1970-1977, passed away on March 18, 2022. At BMHS, she served in the Attendance Office and taught typing, shorthand and business. She also served as the Career Opportunity Training Coordinator. She was preceded in death by her husband, Donald. She is survived by sons Wayne, Bruce, and Craig.

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