Vanessa Ruelas Villegas ’22

Vanessa Ruelas Villegas ’22 is inspired by Brian Haynes ’89, her cross country and track coach, because he does so many things at Bishop and always seems to figure out a way to get things done. Haynes teaches five classes, is the head coach of five sports, and is one of Bishop’s Link Crew Coordinators. It is no surprise, then, that she looks to Haynes for inspiration. A look at her extensive list of activities would make one dizzy. She runs cross country and track, serves as the manager of the girls’ soccer team, is a member of Knights Council, and serves leadership roles as junior class co-president, Link Crew leader, and president of the French Club. And that is just what she does at school. Outside of BMHS, Vanessa volunteers at American Martrys Church where she works with kids with special needs and helps collect canned goods to deliver to American Martyrs’ partner school, St. Lawrence of Brindisi. “Vanessa is a wonderful person, leader, student-athlete,” says Haynes. “Whether she is leading her class as co-president or welcoming 9th graders and making them feel welcome at BMHS as a part of Link Crew, Vanessa’s personality is infectious and leaves everyone she comes in contact with feeling better about themselves. On the field she is a motivator and leads her teammates with her positive outlook on life.”

What do you think is your most important quality as a leader?

“The most important quality that I have as a leader is my ability to work well with others. I’m always smiling and thinking positively. It’s very challenging managing my time with everything I’m involved in, but having a good attitude helps me so that when I’m with others, I am my best, happy self.”

How do you see yourself as a leader in your activities at Bishop Montgomery?

“I see myself as a role model and good example to others. I think knowing that people look up to me motivates me to do my best and share my talents with others.”

What are some leadership qualities you have learned as a student at Bishop Montgomery?

“I have learned to be relaxed under pressure. I used to be scared to be involved in new things because I felt like I never had the time. However, the BMHS community changed the game for me. It’s very relaxed and everyone works well with you if you need some extra help.”

Who are some people in your life who inspire you?

“My coach (Brian Haynes ’89) inspires me because he always has a million things to do and he always gets the job done. He inspires me to get involved and he pushes me to be my best self, always work hard, and never give up. My Dad also inspires me, whether I’m running or helping out at school. He is always proud. Seeing the joy on my Dad’s face when I accomplish something in running is what helps keep me going.”

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