One of the special things about Bishop Montgomery is that alumni since the 1960’s have returned to campus to teach, coach, and work in a variety of roles. They return to campus to serve because they truly love Bishop Montgomery and its students. In the 2020-21 school year, over 35 alumni are on staff as administrators, teachers, coaches, staff members, or a combination of roles. It is a testament to the school community.

by Brianna Smith ’21

Ms. Amy Hendry ’04 has been a part of the Bishop Montgomery community as both a student and teacher for more than ten years. She began teaching in Catholic schools at Our Lady of Guadalupe elementary school, where she taught for seven years. Five years ago, [she] came to Bishop Montgomery where most recently she taught junior year religion. When Mrs. Dorothy Morski retired in December 2019, Ms. Hendry was given the opportunity to become the new Campus Ministry Director and teach the Campus Ministry classes.

“Right now I feel peaceful and determined. Of course,  when the opportunity was presented I was nervous. I was worried. I doubted myself, and these are all things which I tell my students not to do when you’re afraid of change; but as soon as I put my trust in God, those feelings changed. I woke up the first day of the semester with a sense of calm and confidence, and honestly said to myself, ‘Ok Amy, go do God’s work.’ If I serve Him, I’ve got Him on my side and we’re good to go.”

The role of Campus Ministry Director involves coordinating events such as school masses and class retreats, and making sure everyone involved in the Bishop community has the opportunity to connect more deeply with their religious life. When asked what she plans to change or improve about campus spiritual life, Ms. Hendry said, “I honestly was thinking about this question in terms of hearing the word ‘I’ and it’s really not what I want changed; it’s more what do the students want. That’s one of the first things I’m really trying to do is reach out and ask what the needs are. What do you need now in the student population? What can I do to help? And so, in hearing from both students and faculty and staff, that is what is going to help me know what to plan.”

As Ms. Hendry enters her role as Campus Ministry Director, she wants everyone in the Bishop community – students, parents, and staff – to know that she is here for them. “My job is to serve the community and the school, and I really would just like to know what the needs are so I can do my best for God to work through me.”

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